E.S.Sørensen Mini-series
Clock, barometer and comfortmeter
Zealand series

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The Mini series is a genuine and carefully prepared instrument series.

The brass-casing is forged in one piece. This protects the instruments against damp from a wall.
All instruments are front-operated (the front flange is detachable) making adjusting or changing battery easy.

Measures (all instruments):
Dial diameter ø82 mm. Front flange ø107 mm
Wall's flange diameter ø115 mm
Depth 50 mm. Weight 800 g.

30xx00 brass series: Mirror finish polished before surface treatment - a very strong clear lacquer.
31xx00 chrome series: Mirror finish polished before chromium plating.

The Mini instruments became collectables after the introduction of the Zealand series in 2010.

The quartz clock
Roman figures. Quartz movement made by Japanese Seiko.
Battery size AA (LR06) 1,5V

The barometer
High precision barometer, measuring the pressure of the atmosphere in millibars, millimeters and inches. Barometer mechanics made by German Barigo. Complete instrument assembled in Denmark.

The comfortmeter
Thermometer and hygrometer measuring in °Centigrade and °Fahrenheit and percentage relative humidity. Coils made in Germany.