Ship's Lamp
Spare parts

Technical drawing

Ship's Lamp II

The period when the great sailing ships sailing the seven seas in the late 19th century is history and belongs to the past! But the spirit and traditions from this golden age of sail is still expressed in the Ship's lamp and the Ship's lamp II of today.
The present design of the Ship's lamp was re-introduced in 1989 as the "100 year lamp" (100 year anniversary of Danish ESSO).
In end of 2008 the Ship's lamp is replaced by Ship's Lamp II with a slightly changed lamp glass and lamp glass holder.
The lamp glass diameter of the Ship's lamp is ø42mm.
The lamp glass diameter of the Ship's lamp II is ø34mm.

The Ship's lamps are gimballed coping even heavy sea.

Hand polished and lacquered brass.
6''' circular burner. Height: 350 mm.
Burning time is approx. 9 hours.
The tank contains approx. 0,125 litres.