Variation lamp
The Variation lamp - design: G.V. Harnisch

This oil lamp was introduced by Danish ESSO in 1980 and sold in hundreds of thousands in Denmark in the 1980ies and 1990ies.
In 1986 Statoil took over the Danish ESSO business. At the same time Erik Sandahl Sørensen took over the production of the G.V. Harnish oil lamp program.
The variation lamp series consisted of 8 different heights: 16,5-19-21,5-24-26,5-29-31,5 and 34cm !
The Variation lamp production was continued to the end of the century.

Spare parts:
The glass "bulb" with a glass wick holder can still be ordered.
Article no.: 10 54 00.

Since 2000 the Variation Lamp has been a collectable.