The E.S.Sørensen company's history began in 1842:

The story

1842: G.W. Frydenlund completes his apprenticeship as a plumber. He starts producing lanterns for Danish lighthouses and was privileged to become the official lamp maker to the Royal Danish lighthouse authority.

1859: The round burner, as used today, is introduced by the lighting company King.

1887: The company is taken over by the manager at that time, J.A.V. Harnisch, who expands the production of lighthouse installations, not only in Denmark but also on the Faro islands, Iceland and the West Indies. By now, production also includes letter boxes and ships equipment and they are the first company in Denmark to produce certified ships lanterns.

1922: G.W. Harnisch takes over from his father and continues expanding the company’s product range.

The focus changes to the classic lamps of the 19th century and the further development of interior lighting for ships cabins, train compartments and state rooms.

1986: G.W. Harnisch goes bankrupt and his sales manager, Erik Sandahl Sørensen, takes over most of the tooling for the oil lamps and continues production under the name of E.S. Sørensen. With his background as a jeweller and watchmaker, E.S. Sørensen has an eye for detail and design and uses these skills to raise the level of craftsmanship to the superior standard we know today.

2000: E.S. Sørensen decides to retire. Now he spends more time cruising the Scandinavian seas in summer and travelling south during winter.

The company is taken over as a partnership by the engineers Poul Brandt Jensen and Peter Seidelin Jessen.