The Stormglass

The original E.S.Sørensen Stormglass
designed by Stig Larsen in 1982.

The Stormglass readings:

1. Fernlike crystals are building up Cold and stormy
2. Fernlike crystals are disappearing Warmer
3. Star crystals are falling down Frost and maybe snow
4. Crystals all over Rain
5. Clear liquid Fine and dry
Design: Stig Larsen 1982 © Delite

Fernlike crystals will be highest in the windward side.

Stormglass & mount 55 04 01.
Polished and lacquered brass.
Stormglass & mount 55 04 04.
Polished stainless steel.
Stormglass & mount 55 04 05.
Brushed stainless steel.
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